After traveling around this amazing country of ours in 2017, we were wondering what to do with our caravan after this…Would it sit in our backyard for most of the year? Would we sell it? Rent it out? Would people even want to rent it? Where would we start? So many questions!
We knew we wanted to share our experience somehow…There are just so many things to gain from traveling to new places. The excitement of discovery. The journey exploring takes you on. Time spent with friends and family – that really is priceless!
So, out of all these many questions, the idea of Outback 2 Sea Caravan Hire began.
We were still quite overwhelmed & unsure about how we would bring this to be. We came across an Owners information evening being held by a company called Camplify. After looking into who & what Camplify was we decided we liked what they did & went along to the event. Camplify operates like Airbnb — but for caravans. They cover all insurances, 24-hour helpline, roadside assistance, a listing and booking platform & they hold all monies until the hire is complete, giving us and our customers complete peace of mind.
So, in July 2018 we took a leap of faith & put our home away from up for hire.
We’re now proudly managing a small yet fast-growing fleet of awesome adventure-seeking vans from our Sunshine Coast base.

We are excited for this new journey & the opportunities along the way. We hope we can make every holiday you have with us your best one yet!

– Outback 2 Sea